What are the dimensions of the TK-01?

The TK-01 measures 17.3in deep x 10.6in wide x 14.0in high. The TK-01 will need about an inch in the back for power cord clearance and about seven inches on each side for door clearance. 

Can I buy a refurbished TK-01?

Yes! We currently have a limited number of refurbished TK-01s. Every certified refurbished TK-01 completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing and meets the same functional standards as Terra Kaffe’s new TK-01s. Please note that while our team thoroughly tests, cleans, and inspects each refurbished machine, these units have been gently used and may contain minor cosmetic flaws or stray coffee grounds from testing. We back this quality commitment by including a 6 month/1,500 brew limited warranty, with the option to purchase an extended warranty.

How does the TK-01 grind whole beans?

Our stainless-steel, conical burr grinder can be adjusted with a knob in the bean container from sizes 1-5 (with 1 being the finest) to modify the coarseness of the grind and match your preferred coffee style. The TK-01 is made to grind to precision over the lifetime of the machine. Remember to only adjust the dial when the grinder is actively grinding the beans.

Does the TK-01 only work with whole beans?

The TK-01 brews both whole-bean and pre-ground coffee, though we recommend using whole beans to experience the freshest brew. By grinding fresh, unflavored beans immediately before brewing, the TK-01 is able to unleash the full flavor profile of the bean and make you the perfect cup. We recommend using light to medium dark roast beans for best results, as dark roast beans will be too oily to use with your machine. For those interested, the TK-01 does have a separate single-serving chute located in the bean hopper for pre-ground coffee. We offer a curated selection of whole beans here


How long will beans stay fresh inside the TK-01's bean hopper?

The bean hopper features a silicone seal around the lid so that limited air can enter, meaning your beans will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks in the container. Happy brewing!

What is the capacity of the TK-01's hopper?

The TK-01's bean hopper holds 12 oz of coffee beans. A 12 oz bag of beans makes roughly 25-30 shots of espresso, depending on your settings.

What is the TK-01's water tank capacity?

The TK-01's water tank holds 57 fl oz or 1.68 liters. 

What is the bar pressure of the TK-01 brew unit?

The TK-01 delivers up to 19 bars of pressure with a 19 Bar Italian pump system for optimal flavor extraction of your espresso. This pressure ensures rich, crema-topped, milk-infused coffee drinks.

Does the TK-01 come with a user manual?

Yes! Your TK-01 will come with a guide to get you up and brewing. We also have a copy of the user manual here.

Should I turn my TK-01 off?

We recommend setting your TK-01 into standby mode at least once a day. Powering your machine down and back up allows it to go through a rinse cycle, which will help keep the internal tubing clean. The back power switch need not be used unless you'll be away from your TK-01 for an extended period of time.

Why is my TK-01 turning off automatically?

If you find that your TK-01 is shutting down on its own, it's possible that the timer setting is on. The timer will automatically put your machine into standby mode after a certain amount of time. To adjust this, tap the menu and look for the timer button.

Are any parts of the TK-01 dishwasher safe?

Nope! Please only clean any parts of your TK-01 by hand, including but not limited to the milk carafe, drip tray, waste bin, and more. The high temperatures of a dishwasher can warp or otherwise ruin these parts.

How often should I change my TK-01's water filter?

We recommend changing your TK-01's water filter every three months in order to get the best possible brewing experience from your machine. Changing the filter regularly will also help prolong the lifespan of your TK-01.

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