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How do I brew a regular cup of coffee?

To accomplish a brew closer in taste and mouthfeel to a regular cup of coffee, we have a detailed help article here. 


There are some superautomatic espresso machines on the market that state they brew both espresso and drip coffee, but they're simply running the process outlined above.

How do I brew better or stronger espresso?

There are a few different variables that go into the strength and flavor of your espresso – specifically the beans, grind size, and settings.


Our Customer Experience team is full of former baristas and coffee experts. Give us a call at (718) 738-7488 the next time you’re in front of your machine, and we can help you get your TK-01 dialed in!

Can I use any beans with my TK-01?

We recommend using medium roast, non-oily beans with your TK-01 (and with any super-auto). In general, we'd advise against using oily or flavored beans, as the oils can coat the internal parts of the machine and reduce overall lifespan.


Feel free to reach out to us, and our Customer Experience team will be happy to provide some suggestions! We've personally tried and loved all of the beans from our Roaster Roster.

When are my coffee beans shipping?

All of our coffee offerings are roasted fresh-to-order and shipped directly from our roasting partners, so these will typically take about two weeks for delivery.

Please keep an eye out for a confirmation email with tracking information, which you'll receive once your coffee order ships!

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