Cleaning Your TK-01

To save paper, we’ve opted for digital instructions:

1. Descaling

Descaling your TK-01 is a simple, automatic cleaning process for removing calcium deposits that occur naturally from the water used to brew your coffee.

Your machine will prompt you to descale roughly every 2-3 months.

To descale your machine:

  1. Remove and empty the water tank. Remove the water filter.
  2. Place 4 descaling tablets in the water tank, then fill at least two-thirds full with warm water. Allow the tablets to fully dissolve – wait for the water to turn clear.
  3. Reinsert the water tank. Press “Menu”, “Cleaning”, and “Descale” and follow the directions on the screen.

Tip: Place a large container under the TK-01’s spout to catch the water that will come out during descaling. Cover delicate surfaces to prevent damage from splashes.

2. Brewer Cleaning

Running a brewer cleaning cycle eliminates coffee residue and oils from your TK-01’s brew unit, which helps optimize extraction. This simple and automatic cleaning process helps maintain the quality and consistency of every coffee drink you brew, even after thousands of uses.

Your machine will prompt you to clean your brew unit roughly every 2-3 months.

To clean your brew unit using a cleaning tablet:

  1. Ensure your water tank is full.
  2. Press “Menu”, “Cleaning”, and “Brewer” to start the process.
  3. Insert 1 brewer cleaning tablet into the pre-ground coffee bypass chute when prompted.

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