July 6th, 2020 / 5 min read

Creating Your Perfect Brew

We’ve talked about specialty coffee at home, and now it’s time to further dial in your settings for the perfect brew. Your TK-01 gives you the convenience of one-touch brewing paired with the ability for endless customization. Here, we talk about what the different icons on your TK-01 mean, good starting points for each drink, and how to use your pre-ground coffee and milk functions.

Espresso extraction volume – represented by a droplet icon – is the first variable for every drink. Espresso extraction volume is the volume of espresso output for your drink, and your TK-01 shows you the measurement in both fluid ounces (fl oz) and milliliters (ml). An under-extracted shot means you won’t get the full flavor profile (and precious caffeine!) from your beans, whereas an over-extracted shot can result in bitterness. A good starting point is 1.7 fl oz or 50 ml. From here, you can play around with the calibration until you find what you like best. Remember that altering espresso extraction volume changes the volume of espresso output, but doesn’t change the amount of coffee beans used – we’ll talk more about this in the section on dosage.

The second variable in every drink is water temperature, represented by a thermometer icon, which measures the water temperature during the espresso brewing process. Your TK-01 will be preset to 194 °F or 90 °C, and can go as high as 203 °F or 95 °C. This factor is completely up to you and your preferences. It’s worth noting that milk-based drinks will always (1) be frothed at a lower temperature and (2) vary in temperature based on what type of milk you use.

Dosage – the coffee bean icon – is the third variable for each drink, and this measures in ounces (oz) and grams (g) the amount of coffee beans that are ground for each drink. We recommend starting with 0.42 oz or 12 g, which will maximize the strength of your brew. Unlike changing espresso extraction volume, changing coffee bean dosage actually alters the amount of coffee beans that go into each drink.

The fourth variables on your settings menu differ by drink.

An Americano is brewed by pulling a shot of espresso, then adding hot water, and the golden ratio here is one part espresso to two parts water. Under your Americano settings, the fourth variable shown is hot water volume, and we recommend, if brewing 1.7 fl oz or 50 ml of espresso, using 3.4 fl oz or 100 ml of water.

Drink Settings: Americano

Drink Settings: Espresso

For espresso, the fourth variable is pressure, which is indicated as either high or low pressure. High pressure results in more crema and a stronger brew, so we recommend starting with that.

Drink Settings: Cappuccino & Latte

For both cappuccinos and lattes, the fourth variable is milk frothing duration. Simply put, additional milk frothing time means a greater amount of milk. You can play around with this number, especially when experimenting with different types of milk, but we recommend starting with 30 seconds for a cappuccino and 45 seconds for a latte.


How to Make Milk-Based Drinks

Your TK-01 will work well with a variety of milk types, from traditional whole dairy milk, to alternative milks such as almond, oat, or flax seed milk. We created our stainless steel carafe to be easily detached from the machine and stored in your refrigerator, but you can also use the open-ended hose in your accessories box to froth milk from any cup or container.

How to Make Pre-Ground Coffee

Finally, your TK-01 works with both whole beans and pre-ground coffee. To use whole beans, simply fill the bean hopper on the top of your machine. To use pre-ground coffee, the bean hopper contains a convenient bypass chute, shown in this video:

Your TK-01 allows you to become an at-home barista, customizing and experimenting with settings to create your ideal bean-to-cup brew. As always, our support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns. They can be reached seven days a week at contact@terrakaffe.com or at 718-738-7488.

Happy brewing!


Terra Kaffe Team


At Terra Kaffe we are committed to furthering the growth of conscious consumption by reducing waste from coffee pods and brewing from fresh whole beans. Learn more about our bean-to-cup espresso machine here.


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