Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Terra Kaffe?

Terra Kaffe is a new direct-to-consumer coffee brand. We’ve brought to market a new super automatic espresso machine that brews from fresh whole beans. Just one touch for a perfect cup with no needless waste from pods or capsules.

It brews a full range of espresso drinks with all features from milk, bean grind, temperature, to water firmness all customizable to you the user. Built with elegant operation and European design in mind.

2. What can I make with the TK-01?

You can brew whatever you like from Espresso, Americano, Latte, to Cappuccino. You have ultimate control over the settings, and can even brew up drinks like Cortado, Ristretto, Macchiato and more. For example, drinks that can be made on the TK-01 check out our blog post here.

3. How is the TK-01 different from other espresso machines?

Terra Kaffe is different in design, philosophy, and price from other super automatic espresso machines in the market. The secret to our design is rooted in our beginnings in Berlin. We are deeply influenced by Berlin art, culture, and music and carry those sentiments into our product, packaging, and visual language.

The TK-01 also boasts the best price-point for premium feature set. Features including temperature control, water firmness, grind size, drink size, and more allows our machine to easily make a wide variety of coffee styles. Lastly, being factory direct were able to fully control quality and ship directly to you avoiding middleman upcharges. Meaning you get a high-end, great looking espresso machine for half the price of the average.

4. Do I need any special equipment or specialty coffee?

No, with Terra Kaffe’s TK-01 you can use your existing cups, mugs, and beans. Terra Kaffe provides you with an easy way to reorder your favorite beans on our website from a curated list of coffee roasters. You can use any type of bean in the bean reservoir and leave sealed fresh for 30 days. The TK-01 also comes with milk canister and hose to froth your favorite milk-based coffee drinks.

The TK-01

1. Does the machine only work with whole beans?

Yes, the machine requires roasted whole beans. By grinding fresh whole beans immediately before brewing the TK-01 is able to unleash the full flavor profile of the bean and make you the perfect cup. For those interested, the TK-01 does have a separate single-serving chute located in the bean reservoir where pre-ground coffee can be inserted.

2. Can the TK-01 hold multiple varieties of beans at the same time?

The TK-01 gives you free choice of coffee beans so that you can brew your favorite cup. The bean container is also equipped with a special separate coffee chute where pre-ground coffee can be placed in addition to the whole beans located in the reservoir. Brewing decaf and fresh whole bean together is now quick and convenient.

3. How does the TK-01 grind whole beans?

Our steel conical burr grinder can be adjusted with a knob in the bean container from 1-5 to modify the coarseness of the grind to match your preferred coffee style. The TK-01 is made to grind to precision over the lifetime of the machine. Remember to only turn the coarseness knob when the grinder is actively grinding the beans.

4. How long is the technical lifecycle of the TK-01 espresso machine?

The machine is engineered for a lifetime of 5 years or 5,000 brews. Our industrial grade component parts are made for continual use.

The Brewer

1. What is the bar pressure of the TK-01 brew unit?

The TK-01 uses a 19 Bar Italian pump system that delivers optimal flavor extraction for your espresso. This pressure ensures rich, crema-topped, milk-infused coffee drinks.

2. What are the brewing parameters?

Brewing parameters are the variables that a professional barista controls when making a cup of coffee. With the TK-01 you can have the same level of control with the simple touch of a button. Everything from the amount of water, temperature of water, volume of ground beans, coarseness of the grind, and contact time between coffee and water can be adjusted to your taste profile. Becoming your home barista has never been so easy!

3. Can I take the brew unit out for cleaning?

Yes you can. Simply open the right door and remove the residue container on the left to free up space. Carefully take out the brew unit from the tracks and place gently onto a surface. To clean, place underneath water faucet and gently let water fill the open area on the top. Do not run water over the bottom of the brew unit, as there are oils meant made specifically for the unit itself. Once finished gently pat dry and place the brewer back on the tracks until you hear it click.

The Water Container

1. How many servings can I make with a full water reservoir?

A full water reservoir can make between 10 servings of 6oz Americano and 28 servings of 2 oz Espresso.

2. How much water does the reservoir hold?

The water container holds 57 fl oz or 1.68 liters.

3. How do I know the water container is empty?

The TK-01 has a sensor monitoring the water level. You will be alerted on the TK-01 display when the water container needs to be filled.

4. How do I fill up the water reservoir?

The removable water container is located inside the left door of the machine. Simply remove it and hold it under the tap until full and place back in the machine.

The Bean Reservoir

1. What is the capacity of the TK-01 bean reservoir?

The TK-01 bean reservoir can hold up 12 oz of beans.

2. How do I clean the bean reservoir?

The bean reservoir only needs to be periodically cleaned. Simply turn off the machine and use a dry cloth to remove any residue.

3. How do I know when to refill the bean reservoir?

The bean reservoir has an easy to open lid where you can see if the beans are about to run out. The TK-01 white machine also features a transparent window for easy viewing.

4. Can the TK-01 make a single serving with other beans, for example a decaf coffee without removing the beans from the container?

Yes. The main bean reservoir contains a separate bean chute to make any coffee style with pre-ground coffee for a single serving. It bypasses the beans in the main reservoir.

5. How long will the beans stay fresh inside the bean reservoir?

The bean reservoir features a tight silicone seal around the lid so that limited air can enter, meaning your beans will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks in the container. Happy brewing!

The Grinder

1. What kind of grinder does the TK-01 use?

The TK-01 includes a steel conical burr grinder that can be adjusted with a knob in the bean container from 1-5 to modify the coarseness of the grind to match your preferred coffee style. The grinder made to grind to precision over the lifetime of the machine.

2. How do I clean the grinder?

The grinder should only be cleaned if excess oils are present. If present turn off the machine and use a dry cloth to remove any residue from the top of the grinder.

3. Can I use pre-ground coffee?

Yes. The main bean reservoir contains a separate bean chute to make any coffee style with pre-ground coffee for a single serving. It bypasses the beans in the main reservoir. However, we recommend using fresh whole beans for better taste.

4. How do I order additional whole beans?

Terra Kaffe is in the process of building out a subscription bean platform. Stay tuned…😉

The Milk Frother

1. How does frothing milk on the TK-01 work?

Each TK-01 comes with a milk canister that is easily connected via a hose to produce premium quality espresso-milk-based drinks. Simply select your favorite milk and fill the canister to begin. We recommend storing the canister in the fridge overnight to keep milk fresh.

2. Which milk types can I use?

The TK-01 can froth both dairy and non-dairy alternative milks like almond, oat, hemp, soy and more. This unique capability allows you to create almond lattes and oat cappuccinos with one touch.

3. How can I clean different parts of the milk canister?

The canister and lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher or sink. The machine will alert you when the milk hose is ready for cleaning. Simply make sure the hose is connected. Then press the on-screen checkmark to run hot water through the milk hose for cleaning.

4. Can I make several beverages with hot milk or milk foam in a row?

Yes you can. Make sure to fill the canister up to make multiple milk foam drinks in a row. When the canister is empty simply refill to create more of your favorite drinks.

5. How do I control the milk frother?

You control the frother by the knob inside the left door on the top right. Here you can adjust for more foam or more silk to create your perfect cup.

6. What should I avoid when using the milk frother?

If placing the milk canister in the dishwasher make sure to place on the top rack for safe cleaning. Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents, or aggressive liquids to clean the canister.

The Drip Tray

1. How do I remove the drip tray?

To remove the drip tray carefully slide it out towards you.

2. How do I clean the drip tray?

The drip tray can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. When full make sure to rid of excess water into nearby sink.

3. How do I know if the drip tray is full?

The water level in the drip tray is easily viewable. When full carefully slide it out towards you and rid of excess water into nearby sink.

4. Will the machine tell me if the drip tray is missing?

The TK-01 has a built in sensor that will notify you when the drip tray is misaligned or missing.


1. Where can I buy the descaling solution?

You can order descaling agent online from Amazon and Google. We recommend most organic solutions made for espresso machines that gently clean the machine to enhance cup quality.

2. How often do I need to do this?

The TK-01 will keep you up to date with any routine maintenance needs. The machine will let you know when your machine is ready for the descaling process, typically after 300 brews. Descaling your machine is a simple and important process to maintain optimal function and lifespan of the machine.

3. How do you descale the machine?

Remove the water filter from the container then pour the descaling solution into a full tank of water and place the water container back into the machine. Then go into machine settings and select ‘Descale’ on the screen. Once the water container is empty, refill it with clean water and flush the machine once more for full clean.

4. What happens if I forget to descale?

If you don’t descale your machine often you may notice a decline in the quality or performance of the TK-01. In some cases, forgetting to descale your machine may reduce the lifespan of your machine.

Warranty & Service

1. Does the Terra Kaffe TK-01 have a warranty?

Yes. Each TK-01 comes with a 2 year / 5,000 brew warranty.

2. Can I get a refund?

Between the point of purchase and shipping of your machine, you can get a full refund by emailing

3. When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged immediately after placing your online order.

4. Shipping and delivery?

If you have ordered a TK-01 you can find your shipping address and estimated delivery in the purchase confirmation email sent from Terra Kaffe.

5. Can anyone, from any country reserve a TK-01?

We are currently only shipping within the US but plan on shipping to other countries soon. Stay up to date by visiting our blog!

Online Support

1. Where can I find my order number?

If you have ordered a TK-01 you can find your order number in the purchase confirmation email sent from Terra Kaffe.

2. I received an error message while attempting to place an online order. What should I do?

If you receive an error when placing an online order, or using a promo code, please make note of the error and contact our team at

3. If I have other questions how can I get in touch?

If you have other questions that aren’t covered in the FAQs feel free to email us at or shoot us a phone call at 484-816-8229.

4. Does Terra Kaffe offer promotions?

We have a variety of promotions throughout the year, exclusively to Terra Kaffe community members like you! The best way to stay informed is through our emails and social media profiles. You may join our mailing list on the homepage of our website. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for exciting news, promos, and content.


1. How can I recycle my grounds?

To recycle your grounds open the right door and remove the coffee container on the left. The dried grounds are ready to by used or composted.

2. What can I use coffee grounds for?

The dried coffee grounds can be used in your home garden, as exfoliation for a hand/face scrub, an odor eliminator in your fridge and much more.

3. Are the coffee pucks inside compacted?

The coffee container can hold up to 12 dried coffee pucks before needing to be cleaned. The efficient brew process from the TK-01 extracts water and moisture from the coffee leaving the pucks dry to the touch. The coffee container will also alert you when full for optimal cleaning.


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