June 25th, 2020 / 5 min read

How to Clean and Care for Your TK-01

Like any super-automatic espresso machine, your TK-01 requires some periodic maintenance to extend its lifespan. With a little TLC, your TK-01 will keep brewing perfect bean-to-cup espresso for years to come.

Your TK-01 comes with four cleaning cycles built into the menu: rinse, milk cleaning, brewer cleaning, and descaling. You can access these by tapping “MENU” on your homescreen, then tap “CLEANING,” and then choose which function you’d like to run.

Your TK-01 will automatically run through a rinse cycle every time it’s started up or turned off using the circular, illuminated power button next to the touch display. We recommend allowing your machine to power down at least once a day to ensure the rinse cycle occurs.

Run through the milk cleaning cycle at least once a day on days you make milk-based espresso beverages. Your TK-01 will automatically remind you to do this after using the milk frother, but you can access this option at any time through the cleaning menu.

Between every 200 and 400 brews, your TK-01 will let you know it’s time to run a brew cleaning cycle and descale your machine. These two processes require specific products, which we sell directly in the TK Shop.

Running a brewer cleaning cycle allows for a deeper cleaning of your TK-01’s brew unit. To clean your brewer using a cleaning tablet, first ensure your water tank is full. Next, insert one cleaning tablet into the bypass or pre-ground coffee chute. Next, press “MENU,” then “CLEANING,” then “BREWER,” and follow the prompts on the screen.

Descaling your TK-01 allows for the removal of any calcification or limescale buildup in the machine’s internal boilers. To descale your machine, first remove the water tank from the machine, and take out your water filter. Add four descaling tablets to the tank and fill with warm water. Wait until the tablets fully dissolve. Reinsert your water tank, then, on your touch screen, press “MENU,” then “CLEANING,” then “DESCALE,” and follow the prompts on your screen.

In addition to these pre-programmed cleaning features, we recommend a few additional measures to keep your TK-01 in tip-top shape. First, remove your brew unit – a crucial part of the espresso brewing process – once per week for a quick rinse. Run the brew unit under water to allow coffee residue to flow away. Keep the brew unit upright while rinsing, and don’t worry about the thick, glue-like substance on the bottom of the unit – this is special lubricant, which keeps your machinery running smoothly.

Finally, we suggest replacing your water filter every three to four months. Regular replacement of your filter will slow any calcification on the machine’s internal boilers, which will allow for less frequent descaling. We sell water filters in our TK Shop.

As always, our support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns. They can be reached seven days a week at contact@terrakaffe.com or at 718-738-7488.

Happy brewing!


Terra Kaffe Team


At Terra Kaffe we are committed to furthering the growth of conscious consumption by reducing waste from coffee pods and brewing from fresh whole beans. Learn more about our bean-to-cup espresso machine here.


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