Chief Technology Officer

November 4th, 2021

Terra Kaffe is looking for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to lead technology development on new product R&D, manage Terra Kaffe’s current tech-stack, and continually evaluate & expand the company’s product portfolio. The CTO will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of Terra Kaffe’s product roadmap & strategy, conducting product iterations and improvements, monitoring the use and implementation of new and existing technologies, and collaborating with the CEO and existing partners on special projects.



  • Generate strategies and development plans to ensure on-time delivery of company objectives and milestones
  • Establish departmental KPIs and trackers to monitor progress
  • Report on the company’s product development status, goals, challenges, and opportunities
  • Identify and implement new technologies that improve the company’s existing and future products – with a particular focus on software/IoT features & functionalities
  • Develop, build, and manage the full tech stack of our connected IoT espresso machine and other connected products
  • Collaborate with product designers, engineers, CX, BD, and management teams for product development projects
  • Define interfaces and specifications to build up a functional chain from hardware to IoT cloud services


  • Min. 7+ years’ experience in Computer Science, Engineering, or related areas; preferably at startups in the consumer goods and IoT hardware spaces
  • Have expertise in cloud and connected products
  • Must be familiar with architectures that are complex enough to include multiple cloud components and multiple firmware components
  •  Must be familiar with cloud architectures that encompass multiple services and platforms (e.g., connected devices, ERP systems, e-commerce portals, etc.)
  • Professional experience in software and hardware-related firmware development
  • Familiar with multi-protocols in the embedded environment (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE)
  • Demonstrate competency in C, C++, and have comfort with modern mobile SDKs (iOS/swift, Android/kotlin)
  • Experience with an established IoT PAAS and web technologies, including API creation and full-stack development processes
  • Familiarity with architecture and layout of PCBs that run IoT devices
  • Experience with designing, developing, and testing embedded software components
  • Strong analytical and presentation skills; must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to devise and implement a variety of product strategies
  • Independent worker with an analytical mindset and ability to plan and execute at a high level
  • Ability to confidently manage multiple projects simultaneously across different disciplines
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Must be able to help us connect our computer to the big screen. We lost the dongle and haven’t figured it out


Terra Kaffe is a group of coffee enthusiasts who fell in love with coffee brewed from carefully selected, sustainably-sourced beans. We focus on e-Commerce, consumer goods, coffee, and connectivity. Our company has offices in New York City and Berlin and is made up of a small, well-caffeinated team of 20 employees, plus an active roster of 2-3 dogs. To date, Terra Kaffe has raised ~$9.5 Million of funding; their latest round was closed in September 2021.


  • Competitive Compensation
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits
  • 401(k) Plan


  • TK-01 Machine for your home
  • Remote work optionality
  • Terra Kaffe Gear
  • Office Snacks
  • Unlimited Coffee (this one should be obvious by now)

Think you’d be a good fit? Send your resume to with “CTO” in the subject line!


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