One touch for a perfect cup.

TK-01 refurbished waterline model.

Free shipping. 30 day/150 brew trial. Expert and highly-caffeinated customer support.

Includes all attachments to fit a standard ¼” waterline, milk carafe, and water filter.

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Learn how much
your coffee really costs

Our waste calculator shows you how much money and single-use plastic you can save with the TK-01.

Waste Calculator

Waste Calculator

Fill in the blanks to check your footprint

Let’s say people are using this machine and each person drinks on average cups per day.

Cost Savings

per year


worth of


worth of out of home coffee

Waste Savings

per year


of pods or equivalent to


water bottles


of cups or equivalent to


water bottles

17 billion pounds of plastic are dumped into our oceans each year. Yeah, let that sit for a while.

Explore the TK-01

The new super-automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine. Grind fresh beans & brew with ease.
No wait, no waste.


The TK-01 comes equipped with a stainless steel conical burr grinder allowing you to select your favorite whole bean coffee and grind fresh before each brew. The bean hopper, dedicated for whole bean coffee, holds up to a full 12oz. bag of coffee that is sealed to stay fresh for 30 days.

For pre-ground coffee alternative, you can fill the bypass chute and select the pre-ground option prior to brewing. Perfect solution for that one guest that wants decaf…

No more pods. Ever!


Love drinks like cappuccinos and lattes? Lucky for you, the TK-01 froths milk exactly to your liking with nothing more than a push of a button. The amount of milk and level of froth is fully customizable.

Each TK-01 comes with a milk canister for a simple & elegant solution to storing your milk.

Alternative milk welcome!

Push-button brewing

What you need to know

Product details

Ability to control milk foam:Check.
Ability to control brewing temperature:Check.
Ability to control brewing pressure:Check.
Ability to control coffee extraction volume:Check.
Ability to control hot water volume:Check.
Separate chute for pre-ground coffee:Check.
Push-button brewing:Check.
Ability to not worry about any of that & simply enjoy the coffee:Check.
Serving you delicious coffee every time:Also,

Technical specs.

Cup clearance:5.5 inches
Bean container capacity:12 ounces
Water tank capacity:57 fl. oz.
Pump pressure:19 bars
Drip tray capacity:27 fl. oz.
Waste bin:8-10 pucks
Dimensions:(D x W x H)
17.3in x 10.6in x 14.0in
Weight:23 lbs
Cable length:3.9ft
Voltage:110-120 Volts
Line Freq.60Hz


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