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    Espresso For Everyone Blend

Espresso For Everyone Blend

Couplet Coffee

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This crowd-pleaser of a blend is sourced from all around South America to deliver a brewing experience that is tasty, exciting, and approachable — simple as that! It works great for literally any coffee preparation you prefer, but it's roasted with espresso extraction top of mind.

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Roaster Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Bean Origins Brazil, Nicaragua, & Peru
Roast Level Light-Medium
Tasting Notes Sweet, Nutty, Toasty
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Say Hallo to Couplet Coffee

Couplet was founded to make coffee more approachable (and more fun!) Don’t expect any tasting notes on their bags. Instead, look forward to seriously tasty coffee that always tastes fresh. Their team is composed of baristas, poets, artists, and community builders who are focused on bringing simply great coffee to the masses.

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