July 22nd, 2021 / 2 min read

Take the TK-01 Espresso Machine for a Spin at a Parachute Store Near You!

Terra Kaffe and Parachute are excited to announce that TK-01 espresso machines can now be found and tested at all 12 Parachute stores across the United States. Pop into a store near you anytime to take the TK-01 for a spin and try our delicious coffee!

Featuring curated coffee beans from our roaster partners, you can brew a cup of coffee – at the touch of a button – and see for yourself how the TK-01 works. Keep an eye out for Parachute’s unique coupon code and get a special offer while you’re at it!


Terra Kaffe and Parachute have been working together since July 2019, when we launched our partnership with an espresso martini tasting at Parachute’s Soho store in New York. Since then, we have hosted multiple events together, including the grand opening of Parachute’s Seattle store, and have seen our partnership flourish in multiple ways. Thank you to the Parachute team and all who helped make this partnership possible.

Happy brewing!


Terra Kaffe Team


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