Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms of Use and Purchase of the Online Store www.terrakaffe.com:
General terms of use and purchase on Website www.terrakaffe.com

This text defines the basic rules that will be followed by Terra Kaffe, Inc. (hereinafter: Seller) and the end user of the store (hereinafter: the Customer) to ensure successful completion of sales transactions through the Web store on the Website www.terrakaffe.com

The Seller reserves the right to change the terms of use and purchase depending on the change in the offer of its services and (or) applicable legal regulations. The Customer is obliged to check the information regarding the business terms and terms of purchase on the Website prior to each purchase. By using the site, the Customer agrees to the General terms of use and purchase, which is confirmed by the purchase.

Every order/purchase of goods made through a web store is binding upon the Seller and the Customer at the same time and cannot be canceled or changed without the prior agreement of both parties.

The Customer undertakes to follow the following steps during the ordering/purchase of the goods through the Seller’s Web store:

1. Product selection
2. Choosing the right color and quantity of the product
3. Registration or entering personal data
4. Review of all the information, control and acceptance of order and General terms of use and purchase.
5. Order completion
6. Payment through the selected payment method
7. Delivery of the goods

The Seller is obliged, upon receipt of the order, to send an E-mail to the Customer with an order confirmation containing the designation (model), color, price and the quantity of ordered products, the total amount for payment, the remainder payment outstanding (if any), the chosen payment method and delivery, as well as the delivery address details specified by the Customer.

Bearing in mind that all Terra Kaffe products are only available for pre-order, the time required for their production is estimated to be about one month and home delivery of the first units expected to be May 2019, with possible deviations from the stated timeline. The Seller undertakes to notify the Customer as soon as the ordered/purchased product has been made, and to send the goods as soon as production has been completed.

The Customer is obliged to provide the Seller with the exact information for delivery of the goods (name and surname, full delivery address, contact telephone and E-mail of the Customer). If the Customer provides incorrect or incomplete information, the Seller cannot be held liable for problems in the delivery or taking over the ordered goods. In addition, the Seller shall not be liable for any problems arising from the delivery by the authorized courier service nor any problems arising from (non)acceptance of the goods by the Customer. In such cases, if the goods are returned to the Seller’s address as undelivered, the Seller shall also be entitled to charge the costs of failed delivery (dispatch) of the goods to the Customer on the occasion of the next attempt of delivery.

In case the Customer makes a payment of an amount less than the total amount of the purchase order (excluding pre-order deposits), it will be considered that the purchase is not completed, and the paid amount will be returned to the Customer.

When taking over goods, the Customer is obliged to check the quality and condition of the delivered goods. If there are visible damages on the package in the form of broken parts or dents, the Customer is obliged to request the opening of the package in the presence of courier. If it is established on that occasion that the products are damaged, a claim report shall be made.

Any claims or returns shall be settled through contact Seller at contact@terrakaffe.com with a stated explanation for the reason of return and must coordinate return with the with Seller team to ensure a full refund to the Customer, net payment processing fees. Any exchanges or modifications to the order may result in associated processing and shipping fees. Terra Kaffe TK-01 espresso machines that have been used in excess of 150 brewed cups during the trial period shall no longer be eligible for a refund. The Customer must hold onto the original product packaging during the duration of the trial period and may be subject to re-packaging fees during the return process if they have disposed off or lost the original product packaging. Additionally, to be eligible for a refund, returned goods must be received by the Seller in the same condition that the Customer received them. Due to administrative processes and constraints, Seller’s refund process timeline cannot be explicitly defined but Seller will ensure to make commercially reasonable efforts to execute the Customer’s refund as fast as possible.

For all disputes between the Seller and the Customer which cannot be settled by mutual agreement and in the spirit of good cooperation, the Court in Delaware shall have jurisdiction.

– Terra Kaffe Inc.


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