Care & Cleaning Instructions

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Water tank: The machine will alert the user when the water tank needs to be refilled. Simply open the left door and remove, refill, and replace the water tank (avg. every 10 cups).

Coffee beans: The machine will alert the user when the coffee bean container is running low. Simply refill with more coffee beans (avg. every 30 cups).

Coffee waste bin: The machine will alert the user when the coffee waste bin is full. Simply open the right door, remove the waste bin, empty the coffee grounds, and replace the bin (avg. every 8 cups).

Milk system: The machine will prompt the user to clean the milk system after brewing a milk-based drink. Simply remove the milk hose from the milk carafe, connect it to the drip tray, and press the check button on the screen twice for the rinse cycle to start.

End of Day

Drip tray: Recommended to remove the drip tray at the end of every day, empty and rinse in a sink.

Standby: Turn off the machine at the end of every day by pressing the power button on the front panel.

Automated standby mode: You can go into "Menu" to set a timer for the machine to auto-shutdown if not used for a certain amount of time.

End of Week

Brew unit and right-side chamber:
Rinse the brew unit and clean the right-side chamber at the end of every week.

  1. Open the right door
  2. Remove the waste bin
  3. Remove the brew unit: press/swing the lever to the right and slide out the brew unit
  4. Rinse the brew unit under water to remove excess coffee grounds (do not turn the brew unit upside down while rinsing)
  5. Clean the inside of the right-side chamber, removing excess coffee grounds

Milk carafe: Good practice to wash your milk carafe by hand - as you would for any food container. Simply open the milk carafe and wash by hand.

Long Term

After about 200-400 cups brewed, there are two cleaning operations to run - the machine will alert when these are required.

Cleaning the brew unit with a brewer cleaning tablet: Insert cleaning tablet into pre-ground coffee bypass chute. Press "Menu", "Cleaning", and "Brewer" to start the cleaning cycle.

Descaling: Remove and empty the water tank. Remove the water filter. Place 4 descaling tablets in the water tank, then fill at least two-thirds full with warm water. Allow the tablets to fully dissolve. Reinsert the water tank. Press "Menu", "Cleaning", and "Descale" and follow the directions on the screen.

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Rinsing the brew unit:
Brewer cleaning: