Home coffee just got a lot better

Proudly brewing espresso from beans – because exceptional coffee doesn’t grow in pods

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Our story


An unwavering focus on design, quality, and convenience has brought us to the perfect coffee machine to fit your lifestyle.

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Earth to Bean.
Bean to Cup.

Harmonizing daily rituals with environmental realities. To regain this connection, we are offering a new machine that brews coffee from fresh beans. No more needless waste.

Our Values


Eliminating the middleman and selling direct-to-consumer to keep things simple and prices fair.


Hyper-focused on all aspects of the customer experience, and building a community of free-thinking and passionate individuals.


Crafting a cohesive design language, visual identity, and interface to better connect with those with discerning tastes.


Focusing on what we do best, delivering quality products that are beautifully designed and that create a minimal environmental footprint.


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