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Introducing TK-02.
Never be limited by your coffee equipment.


  • Espresso

  • Cappuccino

  • Americano

  • Latte

  • TK-02

  • Drip Coffee

  • Sam's Capp

  • Flat White

  • Larry's Latte

Available in two colors:
Your tap is my command.

Meet your new personal barista. TK-02 knows your usual by heart, and then some.

Get a million cups in the palm of your hand.

Or drip?
No problem.

Discover the first machine to do both espresso and true drip coffee. No swapping filters, no finicky work-arounds, just the press of a button.

Any bean,
any grind.
From dark roast to light roast and whole bean to pre-ground, TK-02's anti-stick hopper handles any coffee with ease.

Technology that doesn’t grind your gears.
TK-02 uses a smart scale and accurate time calculations to dose coffee with unparalleled precision.

Dosage (g)

  • 12.0

  • 13.0

  • 14.0

  • 15.0

  • 16.0

Milk gets the star treatment, too.
Enjoy full aeration control over your favorite milks for consistently delectable results. Pull milk directly from its container or use the quick-connect carafe.

Coffee, made-to-measure.
Dial in your drinks with unprecedented personalization. Create unique espresso profiles to use as the base of your drinks. Design and save custom drinks you can replicate on any TK-02.
Easy maintenance, put front and center.
By placing the water tank and waste bin on the front, TK-02 fits nicely in even the smallest of spaces. Quickly and seamlessly refill or empty with ease. Automated cleaning cycles mean you'll never need to wash by hand.

But wait... There’s more.
Always within reach.
The front-loading water tank, waste bin, and drip tray allow TK-02 to fit comfortably into any space. No side clearance needed!
Grind like a barista.
TK-02’s auto-adjust conical burr grinder grinds beans precisely. Whether brewing espresso, drip, or anything in between, TK-02 always picks the perfect size.
Milk on demand.
The quick-connect milk carafe stores nicely in the fridge for easy access.
Name your masterpieces.
Create and save your drinks. Add them to your menu for quick brewing any time.

Coffee Has Never Been More Handy.

Be more connected to your coffee than ever before. With the Terra Kaffe app, “wake up and smell the coffee” is more than just a saying.

Create from classics.

Start with café favorites and design your favorites, tweaked exactly to your preferences.

Get your coffee fix. Stat.

Track your consumption habits and see how you’re saving.

Brew from anywhere.

Use your phone or Echo to brew from bed, your office, and everywhere else.

Pull shots like the

Dial in your espresso shots better than ever with espresso profiles.

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Reserve your machine for just $250 down.