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Onyx Coffee

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Monarch is a bold medium roast, which Onyx recreates year-round to keep it fresh with the seasonal growing conditions. It is sugar-dense with notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, a mulled wine sweetness, molasses, and a hint of dried berries.

characteristic value
Roaster Hometown Rogers, AR
Bean Origins Colombia & Ethiopia
Roast Level Medium
Tasting Notes Milk Chocolate, Toasted Nut, Ripe Fruit
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Say Hallo to Onyx Roasters

Onyx is our first independent roaster representing the American south, based out of Northwest Arkansas. They were co-founded by Andrea and Jon Allen in 2012 and are well-known in the coffee industry for their numerous coffee awards, coffee excellence, and transparency. Onyx’s motto has always been “Never Settle for Good Enough.” With them in our ranks, we couldn’t agree more.

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