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    World's Best Espresso

World's Best Espresso

Klatch Coffee

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Recipient of the titular 2007 World Barista Championship award, “World’s Best Espresso” isn’t just a name — it’s an accomplishment. Competing to win against 45 other entrants, Klatch’s best-selling espresso blend is sourced from Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Brazil to produce a winning flavor of orange citrus and wine-like berry and spice.

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Roaster Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Bean Origins Ethiopia, Sumatra, Brazil
Roast Level Medium
Tasting Notes Sweet Dark Chocolate, Berries, Orange Citrus
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Say Hallo to Klatch Coffee

Family owned and operated for nearly 30 years, Klatch began coffee operations in 1993 and has been producing delicious coffee in sunny southern California ever since. They utilize science, engineering, and pure art to achieve their original “Peak of Flavor” roasting style, imparting a unique sweetness onto their roasts.

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