What Does “Sustainability” Mean, Anyway?

What Does “Sustainability” Mean, Anyway?


At Terra Kaffe, a bean-to-cup coffee machine is just a starting point.

You might’ve heard us say it before — great coffee doesn’t grow in pods.

But our approach to sustainability goes much deeper than that. Maximizing flavor and minimizing waste is how we empower you to get the most out of your coffee. For us, the process is more important than the buzzword.

What does that process look like?

Let’s break it down. Sustainability is about more than a hollow catchphrase. To Terra Kaffe, it’s about:

  • Sustaining energy levels (this one’s too easy)
  • Sustaining the natural flavors of fresh-roasted coffee by never relegating them to wasteful pods or capsules
  • Sustaining meaningful daily rituals through the power of great coffee, thanks in large part to our Roaster Roster
  • Sustaining the meticulous work of those local roasters by facilitating deliveries of fresh beans all over the US
  • Sustaining local economies where roasters play a central role in their communities
  • Sustaining responsible sourcing practices by supporting our partner’s and the important relationships they maintain with farmers

There you have it. “Sustainable” doesn’t have to be this abstract term. For us, it’s just a starting point — a seed of opportunity that can take root in each of our daily consumption habits. Join us as we expand this list and fill it with more of the many ways we sustain ourselves, our coffee partners, and our planet through coffee.

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