Welcome to TK Mag

Welcome to TK Mag


Let us be the first to welcome you to the
new and improved!

Unless, of course, a dear friend forwarded you the link. In which case, let us be the second.

In any case, here it is: TK Mag, a place where you can sip on more coffee and lifestyle content. Learn about what goes into finding your perfect cup, discover original recipes, read guest articles and interviews with our friends and people of note, and more.

With our brand-new website, we decided it was time to upgrade our editorial offerings in tandem with an elevated coffee experience. After all, who doesn’t like something good to read while they’re enjoying their coffee?

You can check out some of our first ruminations now, like a breakdown of the beloved coffee nap, a short story about coffee before sunrise, and a love letter to the coffee cart guy on the corner.

See you there!

George Lubitz
Editor-in-Chief, TK Mag

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